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19 February 2009 @ 09:46 pm
Need to get in touch with either Kouneru or his player? Comment here. All comments are screened. Please mention somewhere whether you're commenting IC or OOC. ICly, this can be treated as a notice board on his room's door where messages are tacked up.
Shaun's: a promise to look after zombie!Ed so no one's harmed

Ed's: (none) - fed him raw meat, proposed looking for a cure

Laurie's: assorted flower seeds

Sidney's: a small leather-bound Bible

Ofelia's: a promise to be told some fairy tales - showed her his wolf form

Emily's: (none)


Alex's: a promise to teach Kouneru how to paraglide

Rachel's: (none) - no response

Doctor Zoidberg's: (none) - already Sorted

Humblepuppy's: (none) - met Diefenbaker, the wolf-dog
23 February 2007 @ 09:15 am
Harry Potter Alter Ego?Collapse )

Well we do have matching hair colours...
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10 February 2007 @ 07:01 pm
((Cleared with Alucard and Joachim's players. Feel free to notice his accent, which we'll say is vaguely Romanian. I won't write it phonetically. ;) And uh, I'm using his Japanese name because I like it more.))

It seems as though Kouneru materialises from out of nowhere, landing heavily on the stone floor with a grunt. His appearance is that of a heavily muscled bipedal man-wolf, thickly furred in the way that all animals in arctic conditions become, and he's carrying a pack. After a moment he pulls himself up into a crouching position, ears flattened back against his head, a reflexive snarl rumbling from somewhere deep in his throat as he surveys his surroundings.

None of the scents are familiar to him, and he's definitely never seen the room before.

Sensing no immediate threats, he concentrates until his fur begins to recede, muscle and bone shift, shrink and realign, ultimately revealing a white-haired, deceptively frail looking young man (who is, thankfully, clothed). He rises to stand a bit unsteadily, favouring one leg. And then the questions begin...Collapse )
10 February 2007 @ 02:37 pm

Through the magic of the Ancients, this man-beast warrior has obtained a physical body of near immortality, and power that surpasses that of a wild beast.

The man-beasts, choosing to live in harmony with the humans, sealed away their enormous magical powers to prevent them from being used. However, through severe ascetic training, Cornell acquired the art of releasing the sealed man-wolf power.

Returning to his village after a year of ascetic training, Cornell finds the village engulfed in flame, and his only living blood relative, his sister Ada, kidnapped by evil spirits. Using his man-wolf's acute sense of smell to track the scent of his sister's blood, Cornell begins his long journey to rescue Ada.

(KOUNERU [Kōneru] is the Japanese version of his name; BLUE CRESCENT MOON is his tribal name.)